Growth potential as a base guideline

We invest in growing businesses that have a proven development and potential that is also backed up by technology and by long term structural growth trends.

We love to do what we do

We gather opinion differences and value complementary perspectives while we look for creative solutions to complex problems.


We can acquire majority or minority positions, buy existing assets or provide main financing.

Analysis Agility

We do an initial analysis on a reduced version of the business plan and provide agile answers to the entrepeneur.

We look for top level and highly motivated teams

We invest much energy into understand chances, challenges and growth potential, including formulating an exit strategy.


We look for innovative and scalable business models, with a clear market competitive advantage and an ambitious, and international growth plan.


We prioritize teams willing to offer maximum dedication to the business, knowing that the beginning is always very hard but becomes something satisfactory with time.

Our team has successfully gone through two economic recessions, with valuable lessons learned along the way. As growth investors, we act to prepare our positions for the future and build thinking long term.