Focusin 4areas

Renewable Energy

We invest in companies that directly develop photovoltaic, wind and hydraulic power, as well as in companies that are creating technological solutions for the optimization of renewable energy.

We also invest in initiatives focused on favoring power self-supply for companies and individuals.

Technology & Data Centers

The data processing area is a priority for us, we are actively investing on it. Our goal is to move along with technology and digital based companies, with a high growth potential and innovative business models.

We are interested in partnering with startups, to be part of innovative and transformative projects, and contributing to the invigoration of the entrepeneurs sector.

Real Estate

Alquimia’s portfolio already has real estate developer companies that develop projects covering all existing market typologies.

Currently we focus on technology based companies that are or will develop software tools or services aimed at aiding with the digitalization of the real estate transactional process.


We are very actively investing in companies or projects related with videogame production, software development, virtual reality content and augmented reality content.

Equally in companies and projects dedicated to audiovisual production, postproduction services, CGI and digital content distribution technologies.

We understand your challenges, since the majority of our partners have founded or manage a company themselves, and an important part of our team comes from operative environments.